Code of Ethics

Mainstream Funding Network Ethics


Conduct our business in a competent professional manner, insuring that our personnel are knowledgeable in the particular area of mortgage brokering in which we participate and act in compliance with sound industry practice.

Mark every reasonable effort to assure advertising and other business practices are not misleading to the public, nor shall such advertising or other business practice contain any misrepresentations of fact.

Keep ourselves informed with respect to all applicable laws and regulations, and comply therewith.

Cooperation in every appropriate way with governmental bodies charged with regulating the practice of mortgage brokers, assuring the public of fair and honest treatment with respect to mortgage financing.

Conduct ourselves with integrity and dignity in their dealing with the public, and recognize and respect the confidentiality of our clients.

Attempt to reduce all agreements to writing and provide copies to all parties engaged. When agreements are not in writing, members shall accord all oral agreements the same sanctity given to written agreements.

Conduct our business so as not to deny equal professional services to any person for reasons of race, color, creed, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, age or disability.

Take care not to make representations concerning interest rates or material facts that are not realistic.

Make all reasonable efforts to facilitate each loan application in a timely manner.

Promptly advise client of approval, declination or other material information which comes to our attention in the processing of any application for a mortgage loan; and to give such advise, whether or not requested, when we have reason to believe that such disclosure is necessary to protect the interest of our client.

Take all steps to avoid conflicts of interest with our clients, and if a conflict of interest comes to the attention of a member, to promptly disclose such conflict to all parties.

Not engage in activities that constitute the unauthorized practice of law, and shall recommend that legal counsel be obtained when in their best and honest judgment the interest of any party to a mortgage transaction requires legal representation.

If you have any further questions regarding our Code of Ethics, or are just looking to get in touch, reach out to us anytime. Also, feel free to visit our Testimonials page to see our Code of Ethics in action.